2020 Danfoss News

XB06 *, XB 12L *, XB25 * and XB37 * type brazed plate heat exchangers are made with Copper+ or CoResist brazing material.

CoResist/Copper+ brazed Danfoss heat exchangers – this type of brazed plate heat exchanger has a medium corrosion resistance (i.e. better than just copper brazed). These heat exchangers are recommended for use where more durable solutions are needed for heating, ventilation and domestic hot water production.

079G1387         XB12L-2-26/26_2CN_25_G_2G5/4

079G1388         XB12L-2-30/30_2CN_25_G_2G5/4

079G1389         XB12L-2-36/36_2CN_25_G_2G5/4

079G1390         XB12L-2-40/40_2CN_25_G_2G5/4

079G1391         XB12L-2-46/46_2CN_25_G_2G5/4

079G1392         XB12L-2-50/50_2CN_25_G_2G5/4

079G1393         XB12L-2-56/56_2CN_25_G_2G5/4


(*) – Types XB06, XB12L, XB25, XB37 heat exchangers made with solder CoResist/Copper+ (copper plus) warranty is up to 24 months.

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