Danfoss ECL 310 controller set

The ECL310 controller set is designed for district heating and domestic hot water systems. The ECL310 can be used in a variety of district heating systems, ensuring comfort and optimal energy consumption.
This group consists of controllers with traditional analog control and modern controllers with a fully digital interface.
A common feature of all ECL 310 controllers is that they are easy to operate. The ECL Comfort Group controllers use „smart” card technology, and the graphic on-screen graphics on the controllers facilitate a quick overview of the system.

Danfoss ECL 310 controller set includes:Danfoss elektroninis valdiklis ECL 310

  • 087H3040 ECL310 ~ 230 V IP41 controller
  • 087H3230 ECL210 / 310 base
  • 087H3800 A266 key
  • 084N1012 ESMT outdoor sensor
  • 087B1165 ESM-11 heating sensor
  • 087B1182 ESMU 100 hot water sensor (stainless steel)
  • 082G3001 AMV10 ~ 230 V actuator for heating
  • 082G3011 AMV30 ~ 230 V actuator for hot water

The ECL Comfort 310 is an advanced controller with many functions, such as three control circuits with thermostat function, optimization function, three-point control, Modbus / M-bus / Ethernet connection, etc.

Some advantages of ECL Comfort controllers:

  • Optimization function.
  • Limiting the return temperature of the district heating water depending on the outdoor temperature.
  • Frost protection.
  • Heating on and off function.
  • Automatic change from summer to winter time and vice versa on the clock display
  • Copy to and from ECL key.
  • Antibacterial function (for hot water circuit).
  • Communication via standardized LonTalk protocol, RS 232, M bus.


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